My journey as a twitch streamer

I became a twitch streamer on 29 December 2020, doing a heartstone battleground stream.

This was more of a Side thing than anything else as I was mostly making content on youtube at this time.

The following day I did a second stream, heartstone again.

After that i picked up streaming again in the 2nd week of January for 2 more streams.

These 4 streams gave me a 1 viewer average but I loved them because even though it cost me a lot of time, it gave me something to do on the side.

These streams where however not my first ever streams. In may of 2020 I already did 4 streams but did not continue, I guess it was more of a test or I simply didn’t have the time to continue.

As I started to become more serious on streaming starting February I came in to contact with many other streamers and started to increase the viewer number although by little.

Due to this contact with other streamers I learned a lot of the world of streaming and up till this day I still learn each and every day/stream.

Some of my best friends at the moment are in the streaming world and I would not want it an other way.

By the start of March I started to edge in on affiliate numbers and thus wanted to reach it before/on my birthday.

Sadly that didn’t happen but still had a great stream on my birthday and had a lot of fun!

That is pretty much my entire thing, I love to have fun on my stream, that is why I do it.

If I cant have fun why should I stream?

March went by and I was still pressing on affiliate numbers, 2.5 viewer average, 2.7 average.

Then on April 17th I got this wonderful stream where I got crazy numbers that pushed me over the 3 avg viewer limit for affiliate.

After that I took a little break to set up everything for affiliate. Channel point rewards, Emotes, etc, etc.

The first stream after I held a First Affiliate stream. It was amazing and a great feeling.

After a couple of streams the world opened up though after the lockdown from the Covid pandemic and this affected me heavily as my viewer number declined as well.

While I don’t particularly care much about my numbers it was still sad to see to go back to lower numbers.

Since then I’ve been struggling getting back to even affiliate numbers.

The fact that the summer months were on us as well made it that I dropped down back to 1 – 2 average viewer months for a while.

This combined with bad consistency of myself.

I suffer from Migraines once in a while and have an all round busy life with working 40 hours a week and a family life.

Work is the biggest part that I cant be consistent as I have ever changing schedules with working weekend and evening shifts.

Anyways back to the journey, In the fall I was still struggling with consistency and on 1 – 2 average viewers, yet I still had a lot of fun doing the streams I did.

To further explain this, I am a gamer since a pretty young age, I started on the gameboy and via multiple consoles and computers I played a plethora of games.

This is also why I don’t have a set game to play, I love to play games like Pokemon and story based games I grew up with.

Then it was December again and I started to have a rough time, both at my job as mentally.

So I decided to take a break.

This break lasted for the entire month of December.

After this I was gonna come back strong, this because in the break I also passed my 1 year as a twitch streamer.

This I celebrated with a lovely stream that I enjoyed very much as this was my best stream ever viewer wise (27 avg viewers).

This didnt echo trough though as the following streams went back to the pattern before.

Februari and March kinda went the same way with numbers still between 1.5 and 3 viewers (mostly because of my birthday stream).

As of May Ive set the goal to reach back to 3 avg viewers and while I didnt made that we got close.

May also made it possible that at the start of June I got my first ever twitch payout and this is something I am very proud off and the people who made this possible are very fond to me.

This made it so I could hire a GFX artist to make me graphics that are way, way, way better than the ones I made myself.

Right now we are in the summer months again and this is visable in the viewership numbers but you know what I dont care.

I still have a lot of fun streaming and I might be boring at times, I still love the amazing conversations I have with you lot!